The Last of Us Part II Details Leak Online, No Spoilers Here, Release Date Pushed to June 2020

An allegedly disgruntled employee released major plot details and video footage that could ultimately ruin the entire game for some players.

The last few days have not been great for The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog, as in-game video footage from the upcoming The Last of Us Part II leaked over the weekend after an alleged disgruntled employee released it to the public.

We won’t be sharing any details of the leak, so not to worry. We don’t want it spoiled for us as much as we don’t want to spoil it for you. In fact, Geek Outpost is not planning to share any sources or details of where you can find these leaks aside from the obvious- Google.

To get ahead of these leaks, Naughty Dog is ready to release the game on June 19, according to the PlayStation Blog. This Is certainly good news for gamers who have been itching to get their hands on the anticipated sequel, but there are months in-between now and the release that we will all have to carefully navigate in order to avoid spoilers. And considering how monumental the leaks were, I personally will not be searching for anything related to Naughty Dog or The Last of Us until launch day where I’ll be loading up my copy of the game

After repeatedly being delayed, The Last of Us Part II was forced to release before intended, which is a good thing for some and a very bad thing for others. Either way, June 19 can’t get here fast enough.

Stay safe, everyone.



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