Spyro the Dragon Remaster/Remake Rumors Resurface after ‘Easter Egg’, New Social Media Presence

A mysterious purple easter egg resembling one of the Game of Thrones dragon eggs has people wondering whether news of the remake is going to be announced soon. But that's not all! 

UPDATE: The @SpyroTheDragon twitter continues to tease with its first tweet to the official Crash account, causing fans to go into a frenzy. The image in the tweet appears to show another teaser in the reflection of the eyes of Crash, possibly showing off a still image of the potential remaster.



Original Story:


Rumors have been circulating that an HD remake/remaster for the original Spyro trilogy announcement could be coming any time, with hints and fan chatter suggesting it could be coming closer to this year’s E3 with a release this fall, possibly as soon as September. 

While the rumors haven’t been proven either way, the Twitter handled @SpyroTheDragon (along with this mysterious easter egg above) do show signs of a strong likelihood of this actually holding some water. 

You see, after the success fo the Crash remaster, fans exploded on the web demanding that Spyro get the same treatment. From there, some alleged insiders were stating that a Spyro project was in the works with the codename “Falcon”. Well, once some clever internet sleuths discovered that the @SpyroTheDragon account was labeled “Falcon McBob”, more chatter and rumors started to flood the internet. Now you can see why the above image featuring said egg seems even more interesting. 


Sure, the Instagram post could be a hoax and just some sort of prank to get fans riled up, but what makes things even more interesting, fake or not, is that the Spyro Twitter handle was just followed by the official Crash Bandicoot Twitter account. Why does this matter? Well, since the Crash account only follows less than 20 people at the time of this article post, it could be said that the Crash account is highly selective. On top of that, @SpyroTheDragon is a locked private profile, which means that if Crash successfully followed, this was because it was approved by whomever is running the Spyro account. 

Once again, this could just all be coincidence, but with so much fan demand and literal easter eggs flying around all over the place, I think we could be confident in that the remake/remaster or whatever, is coming eventually. We just hope its soon. 




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