Spyro Reignited Trilogy Could Be On Its Way to PC, Suggests Recent Leaked Info

Up until this point, Spyro has been exclusive to consoles. That may change if the alleged ratings board leak is to be believed, and it looks to us like it is indeed believable.

The Taiwanese Ratings Board may have just slipped up and revealed that the beloved  purple dragon is coming to PC later this year.

The leak comes from user Nibel on Twitter (as seen above), and indicates that Iron Galaxy, the studio behind the Skyrim to Switch port and Crash franchise to PC port is also behind this unannounced port allegedly, too. Though plans for a PC port of the trilogy may not stop at one new platform after all is said and done.

Last year, the official website had a PC option listed among its supported platforms. You will notice in this image courtesy of PCGamesN, that Nintendo Switch is also listed. Very curious, indeed…

If the image above is any indication, Nintendo Switch may join in getting the title at some point very soon as well. Considering that Iron Galaxy took on such a massive game like Skyrim to Switch, it makes sense that they would have a hand in Spyro coming to PC and eventually the Nintendo Switch (which is the perfect platform for a game like Spyro).

You may recall that Crash Bandicoot made its way to Stream last June, and considering that it will be one year since Spyro Reignited was release on PS4 and XBO this November, this could be the time in which we see the purple dragon make its way to new platforms.

A dragon’s work is never done. Now on to PC and Switch with you! Hopefully.

No release date or any details other than the above have been shared, so take this with a grain of salt. Although it is likely that this will happen, the news is still considered a rumor at this point. We just hope it turns out to be as legitimate as it sounds.




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