Spoilers: Early Cut of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Trailer Leaks – Yes, it’s Real

"Careful what you wish for, Peter."



UPDATE: The first official teaser has been released by Sony Pictures Entertainment. You can check that out here. Turns out, the audio was so bad in the leak, we were about 80% accurate, approximately, in our breakdown so feel free to ignore this article and head over to the official release here.

Earlier today, social media began to flood with a rough cut of the No Way Home trailer but don’t worry, we aren’t going to spoil it for you until you get later in the article. Naturally, this means keep reading at your own risk.

Surely, nearly every source that has been posting or sharing the trailer has been taken down but you can still find it over on the /r/MarvelStudios sub (at the time of this writing) in addition to a handful of other Reddit communities. Of course, it won’t be too hard to see it for yourself if you do some thorough Googling but be aware that the trailer is a recording of a recording so the quality is not great. That said, the dialogue exchanged between characters is clearly authentic, which we are about to talk about.

Now, let us get to what we saw in the trailer.

You have been warned.

Last warning.

Seriously, this is the last one.

The trailer appears to be a rough cut, which means that there are major special effects missing and set pieces that appear to be very obviously CGI without the proper textures and backdrops implemented. But, there is a lot of dialogue between Peter, MJ, and yes, Doctor Strange that is real and does give us some understanding of the direction the plot is heading in. Now let’s get to what the trailer shows us…

The trailer begins with Peter and MJ talking about how MJ is trying to understand the nature of Peter’s powers. After this, the city is still trying to deal with the battle and fallout from Mysterio, who used the drones to attack. However, Peter is in a lot of legal trouble because not only is it known that he is Spider-Man but he also owns Tony Stark’s tech that wreaked havoc across many cities and injuring many people. This implies that he is being blamed for it somehow and that he has a lot to answer for despite Quentin Beck being the one that deployed them to cause destruction.

Then it twists to the repercussions of the public knowing Peter is Spider-Man. The trailer got really fuzzy and tough to hear so it was hard to tell whether they were cheering for him in the streets or if they were booing him but it seems to be the latter as J.K. Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson can be overheard damning Spider-Man in a news broadcast. Peter is then shown walking through the halls of his high school as everyone stops and stares at him in silence and judgment.

The next portion of the trailer has Peter turning to Doctor Strange for help. The trailer got fuzzy again here and the audio wasn’t 100% clear but it seems as if Peter asks Strange to cast a spell to make the world forget that he is Spider-Man. Strange then attempts to cast the spell but at some point in the process, somehow, the Multiverse is open and Peter is thrown smack in the middle of it (it wasn’t clear if he is thrown to a new universe or if a new universe is open to him and just dumps bad guys into Peter’s main MCU universe but it seems like the latter is the case). Doctor Strange then seems to mention that Peter is trying to live two different between being Spider-Man and Peter Parker.

As Peter is dealing with the aftermath of the Multiverse opening up to him, the trailer then introduces Alfred Molina’s Otto Octavius from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2, yes, the very same (we talked about this in another article). Doctor Octopus and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man stand face to face and then Doc Ock says in a chillingly ominous voice, “Hello Peter” before the trailer wraps up.

Not going to lie, even though everything we just saw creates more questions than answers, it is pretty surprising that the Skrulls, Talos and Soren, didn’t use their shapeshifting ability to put Spider-Man and Peter in two different places the way they did with Fury and Hill in Far From Home. Many thought this would be how Peter would convince the world that Beck was lying. However, it seems Marvel Studios has other plans.

With No Way Home coming this holiday season, it is curious why Sony hasn’t been going nuts with the marketing (it was previously reported that Feige stated Sony is in charge of the film’s marketing). With less than four months until its theater debut, you would think we would have multiple trailers by now but we suspect that either A) Sony and Marvel Studios have major surprises planned and want to save it until the last possible second they can or B) the theatrical release may be getting pushed back due to pandemic-related reasons and therefore the trailer won’t come until later. Either way, we are overwhelmingly excited for this movie and seeing everything unfold before our very eyes when it finally comes out.

If you want to track down this early version of the trailer yourself, feel free to Google it before it gets taken down from /r/MarvelStudios. But again, don’t panic if that link breaks because the internet never forgets. It shouldn’t be too hard to find if you look thoroughly enough.

Spider-Man: No Way Home comes to theaters on December 17th, 2021.

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