Silent Hill’s ‘Pyramid Head’ and Cheryl Mason Join Dead by Daylight

Return to Midwich Elementary School with Cheryl Mason and "The Executioner" this June in the next DLC drop fro DbD.

Dead by Daylight is a unique game among the horror genre that continues to impress us with its insane licensing partnerships. From Michael Myers to Ghost Face, from Demogorgon to Freddy Krueger, this game has many recognizable faces. And joining them now is none other than the big bad from Silent Hill, Pyramid head.

The latest killer to join Dead by Daylight, “The Executioner” (Pyramid Head) is joined by survivor Cheryl Mason with Midwich Elementary School as the terrifying new backdrop for the slaughter. Take a look at the trailer below to see what is in store for the next big licensed DLC drop for Dead by Daylight.

This next update comes in June 2020 for PS4, XBO, Switch, and PC.

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