Redfall Gets New Update for 12 Remaining Players, Including “Performance Mode” For Xbox Consoles

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It has been no secret that Redfall has been a disaster since its launch back in May with some of the most scathing reviews we have seen since CyberPunk 2077. With a constant reminder of a dwindling playerbase (reaching single digits on PC), and no word from Bethesda or Arkane on any potential work going on behind the scenes, many thought the game had been immediately abandoned. However, it seems that isn’t the case as an update just went live to fix a handful of major issues plaguing the game.

This patch is chock-full of changes and improvements that will enhance your gaming experience on Xbox Series X|S and PC, including a Performance Mode for Xbox consoles (that presumably brings 60 FPS, despite not being stated outright), stealth takedowns, controller settings, accessibility enhancements, and a whole lot more. Let’s take a deeper dive.

Performance & Stability Boosts

  • Performance Mode on Xbox Series X|S: To ensure a smoother gaming experience, we’ve enabled Performance Mode on Xbox Series X|S. Expect improved visuals and overall performance.
  • Enhanced PC Performance: Gamers on various hardware configurations will notice improved performance and stability, ensuring that Redfall runs like a dream on your setup.
  • Memory Crash Fixes: We’ve tackled several edge-case memory crashes to minimize disruptions during your gameplay.
  • Graphical Fixes with AMD GPUs: No more graphical corruption issues when changing resolutions with AMD GPUs.
  • Controller Settings Enhancement: We’ve made it easier to customize your gaming experience by hiding the anti-aliasing setting when AMD FSR 2.1 upscaling is enabled.
  • Performance Tweaks: Hero abilities, weapons, and various game systems have received performance improvements, ensuring seamless gameplay.
  • Improved Navigation: You’ll find improved player navigation and collision in both Redfall Commons and Burial Point.

User Interface Improvements

  • Silencer Tooltip: Weapons with silencers now reflect their “silent” state in tooltips, making it easier to strategize.
  • Vault and Mantle Indicators: The HUD now displays indicators when you can vault over or mantle onto a surface.
  • Mission Briefing Clarity: Distinguish between Main Missions and Optional Missions more easily at the Mission Briefing Table.
  • Compass Markers: Enjoy functional improvements to compass markers and objective search areas.
  • Historical Markers: These will now display on the Map in their locked state once you’ve completed the introductory missions in Redfall Commons and Burial Point.
  • Improved Ammo Purchasing: We’ve enhanced the readability of ammo purchasing, so you’ll never find yourself short on firepower.

Accessibility Upgrades

  • Screen Narration: Enjoy improved screen narration, including updates during changes in Multiplayer Lobby states and support for text entry fields.
  • Menu Navigation: We’ve added narration support for navigating menus, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the game.
  • Lobby Labeling: Single-player and Multiplayer lobbies are now visually and audibly differentiable.
  • Photosensitivity Improvements: We’ve worked to reduce potential discomfort with flashing lights in various in-game scenarios.

Gameplay Enhancements

  • Aim-Assist and Dead Zone Tuning: Customize your gaming experience with improved aim-assist and dead zone settings, catering to both fast-paced and precision-focused players.
  • Settling In Ammo Refill: Anna Creelman now provides pistol, shotgun, and assault rifle ammunition during the Settling In mission.
  • New Vampire Nest Spawns: Look out for fresh challenges in Old Town and Sedgewick neighborhoods.
  • Stealth Takedowns: Sneak up and take down Cultists & Bellwether enemies with staked weapons for a thrilling stealth experience.
  • Increased Enemy Population: Redfall is now even more dangerous with an increased open-world enemy population and unique encounters in Redfall Commons.

Combat, Environment, Multiplayer, and More

  • We’ve also made several improvements to combat mechanics, the in-game environment, and multiplayer features.

While many of these updates will please the players that remain (all twelve or so of them), the general consensus online suggests it will be too late to turn things around into something worthwhile for those who expected more at launch.

Still, it is nice to see Bethesda and Arkane sticking to their word about supporting the game. However, we can’t be sure that there will be more updates of this size and larger down the road as it’s possible this may be a one-and-done situation.

Then again, the studio did promise DLC and at least two new playable hero characters at some point so we will just have to wait and see how good their word truly is.

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