Starfield Official Gameplay Trailer Continues to Leave Us Speechless

But like, we still have a lot to say about this game such as HOLY F*CK.



After last week’s Starfield Direct, we were blown away by everything that we saw. This game looks like everything we had ever wanted and while it is always safer to keep expectations in check, Bethesda and Microsoft are assuring us that it is A-OK to be excited as hell for Starfield.

If you hadn’t seen the direct, you absolutely need to as it will surely leave you with a blown mind, as it did with us. But if you are looking for something a bit more to-the-point, take a look at the official gameplay trailer below:

While PlayStation fans will no doubt feel the crushing blow in that Starfield is an exclusive to Xbox consoles, the game also comes out for PC which is honestly the best way to play it from what we have seen. Considering the Xbox’s hardware limitations and lack of mod support on a scale that would never be able to reach even 1% of what the PC modding community can create, we are more than happy to PC gamers.

One thing is for sure, September 6th can’t arrive soon enough.

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