Reddit Users Come Together Over Sony Hacking Dispute


Reddit user “Kadjar” is just one of the many people victimized by those who hack into Sony’s poorly secured network. Thing is, Sony is offering little help to right a wrong that is totally on them.

[dropcap size=small]K[/dropcap]adjar reports that when he awoke Wednesday morning, he had received several emails informing him that a total of $600.00 had been purchased through his account. Upon learning this, Kadjar immediately logged in to his Playstation account, changed the password, and removed his credit card information. He then called customer support, and was informed by a Sony representative that they were only allowed to refund up to $150. The representative also informed Kadjar that another PS4 had been activated, thus resulting in deactivation of his own PS4. Kadjar was also informed that he could dispute the chargers with his bank, but doing such would result in a permanent ban of his account; along with the loss of all of his digitally purchased games, such as “The Last of Us Remastered”.

Where exactly is justice in the matter? And why are there seemingly so many of these victims where big corporations refuse to help? If not them, then who exactly are we supposed to go to for help? The answer may surprise you. Or maybe it wont.

Many Reddit users have band together and offered Kadjar their copies of games he would lose, though Kadjar has thanked these users but denies the offers, as he feels Sony should deal with the problem. Kadjar states in his post on Reddit,

My goal here is bring attention to a few of Sony’s bad customer service policies in the hopes that they’ll change them.


*shakes head*


Though Kadjar’s situation seems a little extreme, he is certainly not alone. He is just one of countless horror stories where fraudulent activity and or poor monitoring of accounts on the corporate-end result in the victim being punished for doing nothing wrong. The story of another Reddit user getting his Xbox Live account banned for a year and losing all of his paid DLC (including full-games, not just add-ons) for literally no reason. In his case, he reached out to Microsoft directly and they even refused to tell him what his punishment was even for. Later it was revealed that he player was accused of modding his console, though it was found that this was not the case and Microsoft had his account mixed up with another user. Last we heard, Microsoft never admitted fault, and provided this user no compensation for the inconvenience or if the user got any of his money back.

Although it’s hard to tell who is being truthful and who is not, the fact of the matter is that this is a real issue and Sony just does not want to offer their support. Hopefully the word being spread through social media is enough to get Sony to change their views of lack of involvement and set an example for the likes of other companies who turn a blind eye on their devoted and loyal customers.


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