Original Bioshock Release Coming to iOS


Screen-Shot-2014-08-05-at-21.18.23Unexpected news coming from 2K, the original Bioshock will be available on iOS, with a catch. You may be asking yourself, “How can I play this awesome, albeit older, game on an iOS device?” Well, here’s your answer: Bioshock will only be available on iPad with Retina Display (4th gen), iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina Display, and iPhone 5s. While this may leave a large number of iOS users out of the fun, it’s an interesting step in gaming on mobile devices and one of the first major titles to port over from PC/Console to a mobile platform.

No price has been announced by 2K but if history serves us, the game will be fairly priced, but not cheap. The higher price is welcomed by most, in order to ensure the quality of the games porting process. The gaming community is ripe with anticipation to see how potential issues with gameplay, controls, and interface are worked out by 2K in this port. Leave us a comment on what your expectations are for the upcoming release.

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