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No Man’s Sky is one of the largest games ever created with respect to the open-world available for exploration.

No Man’s Sky, an upcoming game for PS4, may be one of the biggest universes ever generated in a video game. It is a procedurally generated open universe, which means that there is an algorithm that creates the areas of the game rather then a graphic artist going and designing it planet by planet. To put it plainly, this game is absolutely massive.

The developers, Hello Games, built a probe in the game whose only purpose is to go around to each of the 18 quintillion planets and take a short video of it. This information gets generated from just a computer code and an algorithm. This robot and computerized team of graphic artists are creating an artificial galaxy with an incomprehensible amount of solar systems, complete with stars and planets full of landscapes and indigenous inhabitants.


Now many may ask; what is the objective of the game? Is it just a series of intergalactic island hopping? Well, yes, that is a large part of the game play, however Hello Games has been very secretive about the extent of what can be done in the game.

What we do know is that players will be able to fly around in their own player controlled spaceship. The spaceship, as well as the weapons and spacesuit, are fully up-gradable via in-game purchases. This must be done due to the combat aspect of the game; the player can be attacked by AI controlled ships while in space and, though extremely infrequent, other players. Venturing closer and closer to the center of the galaxy provides the player with stronger ships and weapons, but with that comes more difficult enemies.

Players can land their ships on the surface of planets and go exploring to acquire valuable resources that can be sold. Each planet has a different design, some are desolate tundras while others are lush jungles. Many also have alien life-forms living there that players can interact with. The game has obviously peaked our interest, let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

No Man’s Sky is set for release later this year on the PS4.

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