Sony Unveils Official ‘Playstation 5’ Logo and the Internet Turned It Into a Meme

Sony is receiving some light-hearted criticism regarding the lackluster/uninspired nature of the PS5 logo.

Sure, the official logo for Sony’s next-gen console is here, and while it keeps to the same theme as the current PS4 text, that doesn’t seem to stop the internet from doing what it does best- turning it into a meme.

The PS5 console has yet to be revealed, but during CES earlier this month, Sony decided to show off the logo in a vain attempt to build upon the hype and eager fan-anticipation for more Playstation 5. And of course, it is now just a joke of how lazy the designers got when coming up with a new logo.

I get what is funny about this, but I am surprised at how many people are running with it still. From PS1, PS2, PS3, and ultimately the current PS4- they all had different fonts that became representative of their respective console generations, yet somehow the internet is disappointed. And whether you like the PS3 Spider-Man font, or something a little more retro, there is much to be said about the PS4 being the most-sold game console of all time. Why wouldn’t you want to keep to the same thematics by retaining the same font style?

2020 is shaping up to be a massive year for major releases, including next-generation consoles from some of the biggest names in the industry. And while we find humor in all the jokes online, that certainly won’t hurt Sony’s bottom line when it comes to sales during the next holiday season or anything.

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