Sonic The Hedgehog Receives, New Poster, New Trailer with New Redesign – Much, Much Better

After all the pain and suffering the fans endured, we finally get our first look at the new Sonic redesign.

After all the struggle, fan backlash, and delays, we finally have a brand new trailer featuring the blue hedgehog with a brand new coat of paint, as it were. With so much input from fans and critics, we have to hand it to the powers at be that took this criticism and improved it so much.

The movie looks, interesting, to say the least. It doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t look like a major blockbuster either. However, with all the attention this film has received, we suspect that a lot of curious moviegoers will be in attendance come opening weekend. This, of course, will be the turning point in regards to the film’s box office success. If fans hate it, word of mouth will kill its second weekend and then it will likely become quickly forgotten.

In addition to the new trailer, we also got a new poster featuring Jim Carrey and of course, Sonic.

Hopefully, the studios’ and staff’s dedication to improving this film is enough to make up for any losses, as we can’t imagine going back and digitally redesigning the main character throughout the whole movie was a cheap and quick endeavor.

We are happy they managed to make the changes, and we will see the movie for sure, despite our reservations on how campy it may look. If nothing else, we are just glad that the original design didn’t go down in history as being the sole reason for the film’s failure, because it certainly would have been.

Whoever had the idea for the original design needs to be sent to prison.



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