Fan Completely Digitally Replaces Creepy-Tooth Sonic with Cartoon Version in this Incredible Remake Trailer

A super fan digitally replaced the creepy Sonic in the original trailer with the cartoon-like version seen in 3D video games. You have to see for yourself to believe it, honestly.

Paramount can’t seem to catch a break for what they did to Sonic the Hedgehog. That initial trailer is something that will haunt them and this franchise for years to come in the form of endless memes that make you sick to your stomach, to impressive fan remakes that will blow you away- like this one.

Animator Artur Baranov posted on his YouTube channel earlier this week, a version of the Sonic trailer that digitally wiped clean the horrendous toothy version we initially received and replaced it with the more iconic toon-like version fans expected.

Just look at this. Holy shit. Artur went through and remade the whole freaking trailer using what fans wanted in the first place. Jeez, this guy is going places.

The comments on the video are what you expect; love, praise, and a lot of shit-talking on Paramount for taking as long as they did to give us toothy Sonic when Artur jumps in and delivers this masterpiece in less than a month.

The awkward Gangster’s Paradise song is still there, but it somehow feels more in place now that Sonic doesn’t look disgusting.

We have said it before, and we will say it again- we love fan art. And this trailer is art. A beautiful masterpiece that completely craps all over Paramount’s vision. Super cool for fans, super cool for Artur, super embarrassing for everyone actually making the movie.

I mean, come on. Look. At. This. We literally do not enough words to describe how impressed we are. Paramount, fire everyone on your digital design team and just hire Artur.



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