Sonic Frontiers Early Reviews Suggest Average or Mediocre Experience

Mixed or average seems to be how Sonic Frontiers is being scored by reviewers.



The open-world experience is certainly new to the Sonic franchise and it seems that while some areas are done well, the overall experience of Sonic Frontiers appears repetitive or basic to most while still offering a bit of fun along the way. Some critics were more favorable in their scoring and state that this might just be the best 3D game featuring the blue hedgehog while others seem to have expected more. In any case, here are the reviews and their related scores from some of the bigger names in the industry:

MetaCritic: 73/100

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OpenCritic: 73/100

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Game Informer: 7.8/10

“Frontiers is an overall positive experience that serves as a boost in the right direction for the franchise.”

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IGN: 7/10

“This open-world adventure mostly succeeds at mixing up the Sonic formula, even when some of its ideas fall flat.”

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Polygon: Unscored

“Sonic Frontiers almost pulls off its open world”

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Dual Shockers: 8/10

“There are some areas where it is lacking, such as the minimal number of Cyberspace settings and the Titan fights, but Sonic Frontiers is the best 3D Sonic games in a long time, with its open-world foundation offering something for the series to build on in years to come.”

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GameSpot: 7/10

“Sonic Frontiers marks a bold new direction for the series, meshing traditional Sonic action with an open-ended approach to progression and exploration across its semi-open world.”

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Game Rant: 4/5

“Sonic Frontiers is a buggy and often repetitive Sonic playground, but its fun gameplay and great characters make it a playground worth visiting.”

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Sonic Frontiers is set to release later this week on November 8th for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

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