Men in Black: International Gets a Fergalicious First Trailer


In 2006, rapper and hip hop artist Fergie released her first solo album The Dutchess to the critical acclaim of middle schoolers everywhere. In 2017, after leaving The Black Eyed Peas, she released her second solo album, Double Dutchess

Over one year later, the fifth best song from The Dutchess, “London Bridge,” would be featured in the official trailer for Men in Black: International


No. Probably not. Enough Fergie-talk. Watch this trailer. 

Sometime after the events of Men in Black 3, a young woman (Tessa Thompson) joins MIB and partners up with star Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) to take on a new global alien threat, and a mole within MIB (probably Liam Neeson). 

Despite the brave choice to use “London Bridge,” this is a pretty good tease of our first Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones-less MIB movie. Thompson and Hemsworth have proven chemistry from Thor: Ragnarok, and sprinkling in a little Liam never hurts. 

Men in Black: International hits theaters on June 14, 2019.  

Double Dutchess is available now. 

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