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After Quentin Tarantino directed a live read of The Hateful Eight in LA last April, it was speculated that most if not all of the actors that participated would be returning for the actual film. Earlier this week Tarantino put an end to all of the speculation and released a list of the finalized cast members. At least the main characters that is.

If you aren’t familiar with The Hateful Eight, it’s basically a story that follows eight individuals that get held up in a general store in Wyoming as they wait for a storm to pass. As the story unfolds, we find out that these people aren’t all in the same place by random coincidence but rather they are all interconnected and potentially out to kill one another. Without giving too much away, there is a plenty of solid Tarantino dialogue and violence to keep the story moving along. Also the movie takes place a few years after the Civil War and will be shot in 70mm. This film is going to look amazing.

The final main cast is as follows:

Samuel L. Jackson

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Major Marquis Warren – A bounty hunter and former soldier for the Union.

Kurt Russell

John “The Hangman” Ruth – Another bounty hunter.

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Daisy Domergue – She is a fugitive. (Originally played by Amber Tamblyn in the live read)

Walton Goggins

2013 Writers Guild Awards - Arrivals
Sheriff Chris Mannix – A Southern renegade claiming to be a Sheriff.

Demian Bichir

Bob – The temporary caretaker of the general store while the owner is away visiting family.

Tim Roth

Oswaldo Mobray – A local hangman.

Michael Madsen

John Gage – A “cowpuncher”, basically an out of work cowboy.

Bruce Dern

Sanford Smithers – A Confederate general.

Channing Tatum

Confirmed starring, but part currently remains unknown.

So there you have it, the official cast of The Hateful Eight. Most of the actors from the live read are indeed returning for the film version with a few new faces sprinkled in. I’m anxious to see Channing in a Tarantino film, we already saw Jonah Hill in Django Unchained, now it’s the other half of the Jump Street team’s turn. Shooting is set to start at the beginning of the year with a release toward the end of 2015.

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