Whatever Happened to the ‘Django Unchained’ Film Sequel Crossover with Zorro?

Will Django/Zorro ever become a live-action sequel? Or do we just have to accept and appreciate the comic of the same name?



Originally announced back in 2019 as an upcoming project, the news of a Django sequel crossing over with Diego de la Vega, aka Zorro, left us excited at the prospect of these two characters meeting face to face on the big screen. That said, there has been no real news or updates on the project since, meaning there really isn’t any new news, per se. So what happened to the project? Could it be the pandemic that threw the whole plan out of wack or was it something else?

Tarantino isn’t exactly known for following through with sequels, save for Kill Bill Vol 2, that is. Despite having many plans to follow-up with sequels to his rather small film library, Tarantino has placed nearly all of his movies in the same universe, as it were. So they are all pretty much connected in more ways than one, even though they aren’t sequels.

In terms of a sequel to Django Unchained, it does exist already, in the form of a comic series that includes the crossover with Diego de la Vega, and the live-action sequel would follow that story to some degree. Tarantino created the comic and has, or had, plans to bring it to the big screen in 2022, at least according to IMDb, though it was never clear just how accurate that timeframe was considering there haven’t been any updates at all since 2019. Which again, could be 100% pandemic related.

Seeing these two characters together would have been incredible, especially if Antonio Banderas were to return as Zorro. Sad to think that it may not happen after all this time.

In the comics, the crossover sequel is set to take place “several years after the events of Django Unchained”. During this time, Django agrees to become the bodyguard of Don Diego de la Vega, also known as Zorro. The two would work together to “free the local aboriginal population from slavery”. Pretty rad-sounding plot, if you ask me.

Last we heard, Tarantino was working on bringing the comic to life with Jerrod Carmichael as a writer on the film project but no other details on things like whether or not Tarantino is co-writing with Carmichael or if QT is planning to direct but after two years of no news, chances are this film may never see the light of day. And considering that Tarantino has not really been a fan of making sequels to his own movies (aside from Kill Bill Vol. 2), it isn’t something we are really holding out hope for to get made.

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