Live-Action Halo Series Gets First Teaser

Hello, Master Chief. Halo, the new original series, streaming 2022 exclusively on Paramount+



Microsoft is showing off quite a bit today in celebration of the original Xbox’s 20th anniversary, which includes much ado about Halo. Perhaps the most exciting thing, at least to us, was the brief teaser we got of the highly anticipated live-action Halo series, unfortunately coming exclusively to Paramount+. Like, honestly. Do we really need a Paramount+? Should’ve stuck to Showtime. Anyway, take a look at the teaser below.

While very short, two things of note stand out to us. First, visually, Master Chief looks sharp as hell in that set of beautiful Mjolnir armor. Second, we are so happy that Jen Taylor is reprising her role as Cortana.

For those that do not know, Pablo Schreiber (American Gods) will be filling in the voice role of Master Chief (and presumably the physical role as well). While we know a bit about the cast, we do not know much about what the plot of the series will be as we assume it will likely be something fresh and uninvolving of the games’ storyline but we aren’t sure just yet.

The live-action Halo series will be coming to Paramount+ (ugh) in 2022. Although we probably won’t subscribe to it just for this. Or maybe we will after all the episodes come out so we can binge it over a single weekend before unsubbing.

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