Legendary Dogs Are Released in Pokemon GO!

The dogs will be the first legendary Pokemon to be regionally based and will rotate at the end of the month.

[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]or the second half of the summer, Pokemon GO has attracted it’s fan base with the release of the Legendary Birds. Raids have made the game fun to play again! But since the birds have been out for a while now, Niantic had to add something to keep the game relevant.

Mewtwo was suppose to be the next big thing to come to Pokemon GO, along with Legendary Raid passes. But, it looks like we won’t see either of those until at least next week. Until that happens, Niantic did release the Legendary Dogs yesterday. But unlike the last release of Legendary Pokemon, the dogs will be regionally based and they will rotate at the end of September. 

As cool as this is, it begs to question why Niantic is giving everyone an entire month to catch one Legendary Pokemon before rotating them. I was able to catch Raikou the first day and now, I have to wait an entire month to get either Entei or Suicune. This would still be fun if Niantic still kept another Legendary Pokemon (Zapdos with Raikou, Entei with Moltres and Suicune with Articuno.) At least this way, there would be some variety with the Legendaries for a whole month. The rotation of the dogs was a great idea, but the time to wait for rotation is the problem with this idea. 

Now that Raikou is the first Legendary Dog that we get, it plays well for those who were already walking Geodude (like me) to continue to do that and keep leveling up Golem for the month. How the dogs will rotate is something that Niantic has not revealed and probably won’t until the end of the month.


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