‘Dead by Daylight’ gets a New Killer in the Free DLC, ‘The Last Breath’

This new killer certainly won’t nurse you back to health.

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he multiplayer survival horror game Dead by Daylight is getting some additional content to add even more terror to its repertoire. The ominously named The Last Breath DLC has just been released on steam (August 18th), and – rather happily – players can download this extra fright-fest without having to pay a penny. Yes, that’s right folks. It’s absolutely free.

So what new horrors await us in this new chapter?

Well, you can except to see a brand new killer who comes in the shape of a creepy nurse, ‘clad in bandages that tell an untold tale of something horrid.’ Yeah. By looks of this bandaged health professional, a check-up with them won’t be very beneficial for our well-being.


The nurse is equipped with a bone-saw, so we imagine she’s an expert in the art of amputation, and she also has an ability called ‘Blink,’ which enables her to teleport in a straight line.

One thing you always had on your side in the game if you played as a survivor was the ability to block the path behind you, and use walls and fixtures to lose your killer. But the Nurse’s ‘Blink’ move allows her move through walls, objects and even other survivors. Eep.

With a history with blood, the Nurse has sharpened her senses, so if you’re an injured survivor she’ll be able to hone in on you with ease.

Now that’s one tricky killer to outmanoeuvre. One things for sure, if you’re the killer you’re going to have a lot of fun with this new addition, and if you’re survivors, you better beware of this bandaged betty.

The new content also includes a brand new map called the Asylum, where players can stare insanity right in its crazy face.

Be sure to check out the below Spotlight video to get an extra taster of the delicious horror that awaits you in this new DLC:

You can download The Last Breath DLC for free on Steam now.

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