Kratos is Back in ‘God of War’ for the PS4

And he’s got a beard!

During Sony’s PlayStation E3 press conference, the fourth entry of the God War series was revealed.

Check out the trailer below. 

As rumored, it appears as though the game will take influence from Norse mythology, with enemies like trolls, and weapons like battle axes. Combat seems to have been retooled slightly, as the game appears to utilize a lower camera angle, making for a more cinematic experience, rather than an arcade-y hack ‘n’ slash feel. 

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the trailer was the God of War himself, Kratos. Now older, with a son, (and a beard), the trailer centered on a very humanized version of the antihero showing his son how to hunt. This isn’t the same angry murder man we played as in prior GoW games. 

The return of Kratos was the first of many incredible reveals at the Sony E3 2016 conference. Check back with us to see more of these awesome announcements. 

God of War is coming to the PlayStation 4! 

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