Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is Getting an Arcade Style Beat-Em-Up Game

The game features up to five players, Dinozord combat, and a whole lot more.



Get ready for an all-new adventure in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind, an original storyline that both honors and reinvents Power Rangers lore. In this new chapter, the Power Rangers face Robo Rita, a robotic reincarnation of their long-time nemesis, Rita Repulsa! She has created a portal to travel back in time, aiming to finally vanquish the Power Rangers by teaming up with her younger self. Together, Robo-Rita and Rita Repulsa scheme to rewind, rewrite, and remix the past, attempting to stop the very formation of the Power Rangers and alter the course of history.

As if the idea of a brand-new arcade style beat-em-up game was not awesome enough, adding in Dinozord combat really caught us by surprise. Pretty much every single part of this trailer looked fantastic, though the hand-drawn images were a little… less impressive.

Still, the game looks to be a lot of fun and even teases Tommy Oliver’s Green Ranger (the roller coaster side cars), who will presumably be available as DLC, or perhaps unlocked through challenges or possibly even campaign completion. In any case, we can’t wait for the release on PC and consoles later this year.


In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind, the team faces off against a robotic reincarnation of the Power Rangers’ long-time nemesis. Robo-Rita has conjured a portal to send herself back in time so she can finally vanquish the Power Rangers by forming an alliance with her younger self. Working together, Robo-Rita and Rita Repulsa rewind, rewrite, and remix the past in an attempt to stop the very formation of the Power Rangers, altering the course of history.

Will the two Ritas and their army of monstrous enemies from across the MMPR timeline finally succeed in destroying the Power Rangers? Or will these teenagers with attitude learn to work together and counter this catastrophic chronological collaboration?

Players will be able to experience the origins of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers again – for the first time! The past will never be the same…


  • Classic 90’s look and feel with hand-drawn pixel art
  • Fan-favorite enemies pulled from different seasons of the hit tv show
  • Events and episodes that players remember from the show have been remixed
  • Action-packed, 2-D brawler gameplay with arcade-style shooting and driving sequences
  • Pilot all of the original Dinozords
  • Jump into the cockpit of the legendary Megazord and take down gigantic bosses
  • Offline and Online support for up to 5 players
  • And lots more!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Rita’s Rewind is set to release later this year on PC, PS4|PS5, Xbox X|S, and Switch.

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