Massive Destiny 2 Leak as Sony Accidentally Releases The Final Shape Early

Holy cow, what a monumental f*ck up.



Preliminary investigations suggest a glitch with Sony PS5 streaming briefly made ‘The Final Shape’ expansion available for download and even playable, revealing extensive campaign and look collection details. Although the content has been removed and is no longer available for download, or play, story spoilers are now circulating widely online including the expansions opening cutscene.

Conflicting reports indicate players accessed varying amounts of content, from initial cutscenes to full playthroughs but we can confirm that videos and images can be found in various Discord Servers and YouTube where gameplay clips and gear inspections are spreading like wildfire. The leak also includes raid gear and even raid mods, potentially impacting the upcoming high-profile raid race, putting some players at a major advantage, should they choose to participate with knowledge of the leaks fresh in their minds.

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This incident is easily one of the most severe leaks in recent memory, despite being seemingly isolated to Sony’s streaming service. And although we do not know just how this happened, it seems only to have impacted Sony’s storefront and not something that happened on either Xbox or PC platforms.

During Bungie’s weekly “This Week in Destiny” blog post, they had the following to say about the leaks:

“…We wanted to let you all know that earlier today, a portion of Destiny 2: The Final Shape was accidentally pushed live on PS5’s streaming service. There are currently spoilers being shared online.

A small group of players were able to play some of the campaign, access Collections, and other reward info coming in The Final Shape and Echoes. We recommend being very careful on social media over the next few days to avoid spoilers. Remember to exercise caution and be critical of potential misinformation. Please be considerate of others and report leaks so players can experience the conclusion of the Light and Darkness saga themselves.

Thanks to all our community members who have already helped us by reporting leaks and those actively working to prevent more of the experience from being shared before its intended date. It’s always extremely difficult when our team’s hard work is leaked early, but we are still excited for everyone to experience the full release on June 4 together.”

Immediate action from Sony is going to be required to prevent future leaks as this situation is particularly disheartening for Bungie, as it jeopardizes the launch of a critical expansion that concludes a decade-long saga. Not to mention the fact that this happened just after Bungie saw steep declines in pre-orders for TFS, among other countless incidents that have since left the Destiny community divided, at best.

The community is attempting to limit the spread of these spoilers, but the best course of action is to avoid online platforms until the official release on Tuesday. Bungie appreciates the support and understanding of the Destiny 2 community during this challenging time but it may be tough to avoid considering the length and nature of the leaks. Sheesh, what a fumble by Sony.

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