2002 Game ‘The Thing’ May Be Getting a Remaster, Possible Announcement Tomorrow

We didn't know how badly we wanted this until we saw the teaser.



Nightdive Studios, known for their remasters and enhanced ports of games from franchises like Star Wars, Turok, Quake, and more, has recently hinted at their next big project via a post they made on “X” (formerly Twitter). Their post pretty much straight up suggests that they will be taking on the 2002 survival horror game ‘The Thing‘ and giving it a fresh, modernized look.


The social media post from Nightdive Studios features an image strikingly similar to the background of “The Thing’s” original box art from the early 2000s. The only notable difference is the color shift from the iconic blue to a new hue, adding a layer of intrigue to the tease.

Nightdive Studios’ mission is to bring lost and forgotten gaming treasures back from the depths.

As you can plainly see above, accompanying the post was a cryptic message hinting that more information will be revealed at IGN Live tomorrow, on Friday, June 7th. This has led fans to believe that an official announcement regarding “The Thing” remaster could be imminent.

The Thing (2002) | Computer Artworks, Black Label Games | Konami

Developed by Computer Artworks, co-published by Vivendi Universal Games under Black Label Games (Konami) for PS2, Xbox, and Windows, The Thing is a 2002 survival horror title that serves as a sequel to John Carpenter’s 1982 film of the same name. Like the film, the game takes place in and around a remote Antarctic research station following Captain Blake, a member of a U.S. special forces team sent to investigate the mysterious deaths of the previous research team. Players must contend with paranoia, as team members can be infected by the alien shapeshifter known as “The Thing.” The game features a mix of combat, puzzle-solving, and trust-building mechanics, where maintaining the trust and sanity of team members is crucial for survival.

If we are indeed getting a remaster or remake, we just hope it is on the same level as more recent remakes, like Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space, respectively. Of course, this could just be a remaster with enhanced visuals but we do hope it goes a step further to truly bring out the original games full potential. Because that would not only be awesome, it would be horrifying in all the right ways.

The last we played this iconic horror title was back in 2021 (you can watch the first episode of that playthrough below on the Marcanine YouTube), and we loved almost every minute of it. Only a handful of bugs and some weak gameplay controls held it back from reaching it’s potential but that didn’t stop The Thing from being one of our favorite games of the era and one of our most beloved horror titles. And while we certainly think this 2002 title is worth replaying all these years later, a remake or remaster could elevate the game to a whole new status of greatness.

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