Ghostrunner is the First-Person Cyberpunk Parkour Game You’ve Always Wanted

Ghostrunner is what you get when you cross The Matrix, Tron, Hotline Miami, and Mirror's Edge. And then throw in a brutally gruesome katana.

Ghostrunner, a first-person indie cyberpunk action game, sets a heavy focus on slashing your enemies to pieces while relying on your impressive agility to wall-run and parkour your way through environments. Just the way we like it.

Coming to XBO, PS4, and PC, Ghostrunner’s unique aesthetic and combat style are being referred and compared to being a cross between Mirror’s Edge and Hotline Miami, which is a pretty awesome combination. Although we feel very strongly that there are some significant elements borrowed from say Tron and The Matrix, which we can’t state enough is totally radical.

The devs are currently showing off the game at PAX East, which is resulting in some awesome game footage that is getting us super hyped. And although we don’t know for certain what the release date is going to be, we have already added the game to our Steam Wishlist.

All in! Games describe Ghostrunner as being amidst a chaotic world where death is almost a certainty. Life means next to nothing, and existence is miserable. The blood and gore of the game surely emphasize this and add to the overall beautiful aesthetic of the neo-noir/Cyberpunk feel and look to the game. And as a cybernetic soldier wielding a sword, which is so freaking awesome, players will need to make their way through what remains of the fallen civilization.

Not without mystery, the plot is rather vague, as it isn’t exactly detailed in what questions need answers and what answers you are looking for. Honestly, this game just looks cool and hacking enemies to bloody stumps is enough to sell us on the premise. Plus, you know, wall-running. Need we really say more?

What is also pretty cool about Ghostrunner is that the combat goes beyond just the physical realm around you, in that players will also make their way into cyberspace and face off against impending threats in there as well. We imagine it being like if Tron was a brutally violent movie with blood and dismemberment all over the place.

Perhaps the most thematic points of Ghostrunner being driven into our skulls when we research the game is that you do not know your own origin, life is meaningless, life is hard, you are pointless, but you get to slash enemies to pieces while traversing the environment. This all takes place in the future after a massive global catastrophe, and it is up to you for some reason to figure things out and take on the Keymaster, who is the ruler of the world.

Lots of the terminology used to describe the world will likely remind you of The Matrix, which we said earlier only raises our expectations and increases our intrigue. Point is, Ghostrunner is checking off all our boxes.

Fast and determined enemies, strangers willing to kill you for what little resources remain and an environment full of deadly traps—all this and more awaits you as you make your way, level by level, towards the top of the tower. Survival is only possible thanks to the high-tech blade that slices through trouble while delivering bone-crushing one-hit kills. Bullet-time mechanics give you an edge in fast, high-adrenaline combat. Unique cybernetic skills help you cope with enemies and an environment that can end your life at any moment.

  • Enter an intense cyberpunk world and experience fierce, dynamic combat! Conquer your enemies in the physical world and in cyberspace.
  • Ascend humanity’s last remaining shelter, a great tower-city. The tower is torn by violence, poverty, and chaos. Conquer your enemies, discover the secrets of the superstructure and your own origin.
  • The game takes place in the future, after a global cataclysm where the remains of humanity live in a tower built by The Architect, who died mysteriously years ago. Everyone knows the truth, no one says it aloud.
  • The world is ruled by The Keymaster, and life is harsh. A person’s worth depends on the category of implants they have, defining their whole lives. The implants—given to them in childhood—determine which social group a person belongs to. If you weren’t lucky enough to get a good life, there is nothing you can do.

It’s no surprise that a rebellion starts.


You can check out more over on the Steam page or by visiting the official website.

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