Forbes Lists Highest Paid Actors

Forbes has always been a BIGfan of lists, and this one is a bit of a doozy. Measured roughly between June 2013-June 2014, Forbes has put together the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Though interesting, this is one of those lists that reminds us just how small and insignificant our annual salaries and bank accounts really are.

We talk to producers, lawyers, agents and other in-the-know folks to compile our earnings which account for entertaint-related income. We do not deduct for taxes, agent fees or the other costs of being a celebrity. –


10: Mark Wahlberg – $32 Million

Coming in last at no.10, Marky had one heck of a year. From Lone Survivor, to Age of Extinction, his bank account easily sky-rocketed. Though AoE did poorly with critics, it made more than $892 million worldwide at the Box Office in its first month.


9: Will Smith – $32 Million

We have a hard time remembering what the last movie Will Smith did that we liked, or did well enough at the Box Office to get him so high on this list. He must have produced something somewhere at sometime.


8: Christian Bale – $35 Million

From Batman, to Moses in the upcoming film, Exodus, Christian Bale is moving forward with his career and not looking back. We don’t blame him for not looking back, considering what we know is about to happen to the caped crusader. Which brings us to…


7: Ben Affleck – $35 Million

DareDevil. People don’t forget, Ben. Don’t f–k up Batman.


6: Liam Neeson – $36 Million

Coming in at no.6, Qui-Gon Jinn pulled in a million more than Affleck with the aid from titles like Lego Movie, Non-Stop, A Million Ways to Die in the West, and Taken 3– oh wait, that’s next year. Just how many family members have to get kidnapped? Bryan Mills is easily the worst father of all time.

5: Chris Hemsworth – $37 Million

Ha, you got replaced by a girl. Wipe your tears with your $37 million, Hemsworth.


4: Leonardo DiCaprio – $39 Million

Substitute 5 snubs from getting an Oscar for millions and millions of dollars? We would be cool with that. But seeing as how Leo has more money than we could count, we bet all he wants is a little gold statue of a naked man sitting on his shelf. Or he could just buy one from his good pal, Jack Nicholson.


3: Bradley Cooper – $46 Million

From a trilogy of the exact same plot with the exact same jokes, to Silver Linings, to American Hustle, and now the Marvel Universe, we think Bradley Cooper deserves all the money. Rocket Raccoon? TAKE OUR MONEY NOW, BRADLEY.


2: Dwayne Johnson – $52 Million

Wrestling royalties, the crappy G.I. Joe films, and of course the now excessively over-done Fast and Furious franchise, The Rock has earned his spot on this list. His movies may not be good, but they are entertaining (there is a difference), and Hercules looks to be exactly that. Though we prefer to see a matinee.


1: Robert Downey Jr – $75 Million

Iron Man 3 was not what fans expected, hoped, but damned if Robert Downey Jr is not one of the most likable actors in Hollywood. Seems not to matter what movie the guy is in, it always makes katrillions (not a number, we don’t think). Good for you, Mr Downey Jr.


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