Deadpool 3 Leak: Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner to Reprise Daredevil & Elektra Roles

Deadpool 3 is turning into a multiversal madness type movie and we are all here for it.



Deadpool 3 is currently in production, filming as you read this, and set photos, leaks and rumors and more have been flying across the interwebs for weeks. And now, we have the official word that some of this info is true, which leads us to believe quite a bit of it is.

Over the last several weeks, rumors began circulating that Deadpool 3 would include a handful of multiverse variants, specifically from the Marvel properties owned and operated by 20th Century Fox Studios, which has since been purchased by and re-branded under Disney, with those Marvel properties absorbed into the larger MCU.

One such collection of rumors included the return of Ben Affleck and Matt Murdock/Daredevil and Jennifer Garner as Elektra. Various online fan accounts reported the news to be true but then, earlier today, Maximum Effort, Ryan Reynolds’ production company, confirmed that the news of Garner returning as Elektra was in fact, true.

From there, official news outlets began confirming the news such as THR and others. And considering everything else we have heard about the film so far, it is safe to say that Deadpool 3 will likely turn into a real Multiverse of Madness situation, perhaps even more so than Doctor Strange 2. These leaks confirmed that Garner had filmed her scenes some weeks earlier than the official announcement of her return.

Furthermore, it seems that Deadpool 3 will include various other X-Men characters including the return of Patrick Stewart as Professor X and Ian McKellen as Magneto. Leading the charge is of course Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, with news sources claiming that time travel will be a major focus of the film and include multiple versions of Logan from different timelines.

The news of Garner returning pretty much confirms that Affleck will be back as well and since Hugh Jackman is reprising his role of Wolverine, we are expecting a lot of X-Men from multiple timelines to appear as well. And we simpy can not wait.

Deadpool 3 is set to release in May of next year and is shaping up to be a truly remarkable film, something that Marvel Studios desperately needs right now after several missteps both on the big screen and the small screen on Disney+. A lot is riding on the shoulders of Ryan Reynolds right now but we think he is just the man to turn things around for this declining franchise.

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