Exclusive: Hogwarts Legacy Will Have “Zero” Microtransactions

Thank god for that.

Earlier today, PlayStation showed off another ‘State of Play’ event featuring Hogwarts Legacy, a game that many have been dying to know more about. And while the gameplay looked impressive and the world looks incredibly large in scope, the one thing that was not talked about was microtransactions. Turns out, there will be none in the game at all.

Eriq Martin, the Marketing Manager for Avalanche Software, the developer behind Hogwarts Legacy, follows me on Twitter and was quick to get back to me on this topic to confirm that there will indeed be nothing to worry about on the microtransaction front.

Now, you might be asking yourself why this is even being brought up and that is specifically due to being under the Portkey Games label. What is that exactly? Well, Hogwarts Legacy is being developed by Avalanche Software while being published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, of which Portkey Games is owned and dedicated to creating games surrounding the Harry Potter Wizarding World.

Apparently, some fans were worried that Hogwarts Legacy would be heavily monetized due to four previous games under Portkey, which were all mobile titles on Android and iOS (Hogwarts Mystery, Wizards Unite, Puzzles & Spells, and Magic Awakened). Despite all that, this is Portkey Games’ first major console release and fifth game among the Wizarding World and fifth game overall, so some were skeptical about the title coming out without being ruined by predatory monetization methods.

Turns out, it is too good and it is true- no microtransactions in Hogwarts Legacy.

So, you can all chill out. Hogwarts Legacy will not have microtransactions and instead will be an epic Wizarding World experience that doesn’t plan on targeting your wallet while nickel and diming you.

Thanks for responding, Eriq.

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