Dear Mr. Kevin Feige, Please Confirm Jon Bernthal will Return as the MCU Punisher. Sincerely, Everyone.

The Punisher may be on Disney+ but that is not enough. We need confirmation that Jon Bernthal may come back some day.



UPDATE: It’s happening, y’all. Jon Bernthal will return in Daredevil: Born Again on Disney+.

Original Article:

At a certain point, logic can be applied to all of the Netflix-turned-Disney+ shows and we can all acknowledge that they are officially part of the MCU. Even if the greater powers in charge of Marvel Studios have yet to speak their names or confirm it out loud. And among so many great characters we wish to see return, Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle is at the top of that list.

Dear Mr. Feige,

As fans of all things Marvel Studios (except for Eternals, and a couple of Thor films), we want to thank you for all you have done in crafting such a magnificent franchise and genre. We know you are busy and that there are more things on your plate than we can possibly imagine, but if you happen to have The Punisher on that list, we would be forever grateful for you to acknowledge that. And if it is possible, please bring back Jon Bernthal to reprise his role as Frank Castle.


PS: An update on Luke Cage would also be cool. But don’t worry about Iron Fist. We uh… don’t really care about that too much. Thanks again!

Listen, we get it. Kevin Feige has a lot on his plate and he and his team of Marvel Studios geniuses are trying to carefully craft the next big story arc of the MCU while working out every single detail of the ‘Multiverse Saga’. This is no easy feat, and smaller, minute details can often be overlooked or placed aside for potential future plans. And now that all the Netflix shows have been rebranded as a Disney+ exclusive, including The Punisher, we are still patiently waiting for Kevin Feige to announce that Bernthal will once again reprise his role some day soon.

Perhaps it is too early. Perhaps we are getting a little spoiled, what with Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock/Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk/Kingpin already having made their MCU debuts in film and tv, along with confirmation of crossover appearances in She-Hulk and Echo, as well as a brand-new series in Daredevil Born Again. Superhero fatigue? Nah, f*ck that. We want to see more of our favorites return, with an emphasis on Bernthal as Punisher.

We haven’t lost hope on this, though, despite the silence from Marvel Studios on the subject of The Punisher. The fact that it is officially on Disney+ means that Disney and Marvel Studios have embraced the darker sides to the MCU and aren’t closing any doors. Of course, it is possible that The Punisher may return without a new season or series in which he stars.

Frank Castle’s relationship to Daredevil in his own show, we have to assume that there is at least a chance he can appear in Born Again. Plus, Punisher also has a history with Blade, who has already been semi-introduced into the MCU in Eternals as well as his own film coming next year on November 3rd. We do not find it likely that Punisher will appear in such a movie but we aren’t ruling anything out for the future. Jon Bernthal was a fan favorite, after all, and considering how he crushed it with every on-screen appearance as the character, we aren’t giving up hope.

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