Fan Made Dragon Ball Web Series Shows Off Goku’s Many Super Saiyan Transformations

YouTube Film Makers K&K Productions have set the bar once again for Dragon Ball live-action in this fun new ‘Challenge Goku’ series. 

From Super Saiyan to Ultra Instinct, Goku shows off what it is like being a Saiyan with many various transformations. It should be noted that Super Saiyan 4 has been left out with the intentions of following the canon storyline through Dragon Ball Super. 

Ok just to address a few things! We didn’t do Super Saiyan 4, because this is set in the Super timeline and SJj 4 is not cannon. With SS God 2, that’s just what we’ve always called it as it’s technical name is Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan and we thought SS God 2 sounded better. But we accept that lots of people call it SS Blue!” – K&K

The visual effects are impressive, as usual. We just wish there were a little more up-close shots of the Saiyan hairdo. 

K&K have always delivered top-notch YouTube content, especially when it comes to Dragon Ball projects. This series has only a single episode so far, but if episode 2 is anything like the first, then we are definitely looking forward to it. Fans can chime in and request challenges, so be sure to check out their YouTube channel and leave your thoughts in the comments section. Personally, we want to see just how much Goku can eat before he explodes. 




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