With 5.7 million Amiibos Sold, Link Is On Top


[dropcap size=small]N[/dropcap]intendo recently released sales reports and charts on the wildly popular Amiibo line of toys. For those of you unaware, an Amiibo uses NFC (Near Field Connectivity) to connect with your compatible Nintendo device (Wii U and 3Ds XL). Once the character is connected, and in a compatible game like Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart, progress is saved with that character and allows you to unlock exclusive abilities, upgrades, and items.

5.7 million Amiibos have been shipped by Nintendo. Some take the word ‘shipped’ to be synonymous with ‘sold’ but others will dispute. Nintendo has also released a chart showing the top-selling figures in each world region, and Link takes the top spot in all but Australia. Unsurprisingly, Mario is also one of the most popular Amiibos in the world. Check out the chart published by Nintendo below:


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