Titanfall Update 5 Goes Live


In their promise to continue the evolution of, Respawn Entertainment has rolled out their fifth update to Titanfall. The update, which went live on July 31st, brings an all new in-game currency, daily challenges, and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Titanfall’s in-game currency, which can only be earned and not purchased through micro transactions, ties into the all new feature “The Black Market.” The Black Market will unlock for players at level eleven and allow for the purchase of Burn Card packs and Titan insignias for now. Credits can be earned through playing matches along with wins, selling unused burn cards, completing challenges, and at level 50 overflow XP will be converted to credits. The Black Market can be accessed through the in-game lobby as well as between matches.


Aside from daily challenges and the Black Market, other tweaks we made as well such as new Titan OS callouts and the move of the Campaign to being a playlist alongside the other classic multiplayer modes. Now, instead of choosing Classic or Campaign, players are given the prompt to select “Titanfall” from the main menu where they will find all of the game’s playlists.


Full update notes can be found on Titanfall’s website.

Source: http://www.titanfall.com/game-update-five?sf29094396=1

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