The Smash Bros. Wii U Event Today Was Pretty Super


[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]s it worth buying a console for just one game? Before today it would be “no”, perhaps “maybe.” We knew Super Smash Bros. was on the way, but what kind of Smash were we going to get? Then Nintendo drops this epic Super Smash Bros video event on us, silences the doubts, and leaves many of us thinking damn, now I have to buy a Wii U. Let’s recap.

Lets’ start with the fan favorite – THE RETURN OF MEWTWO – for free! Although, there is a catch. Mewtwo will be Super Smash Bros‘ first DLC and will be available to download spring 2015, though he will only be free for those who have purchased both the 3DS and Wii U versions.


Not only will The Wii U version have far superior, graphics it will have a lot more gametypes including:

Danger Zone – a gametype in which some stages have lava patches that can cause damage.

Eight Player Smash – for the first time, eight players will be able to duke it out. Only available offline, and not available on all stages, though some stages will have the options to switch between four-man and eight-man fight.

Smash Tour – The Wii U version of Smash Run. Players will move around a Mario Party type board game collecting items as fighters and items as Miis move around the board.

Master Fortress – A boss battle mode where Master Core turns into a big dungeon players can conquer.

Masterpieces – A mode that allows players to play time demos of old Nintendo classics, like Earthbound.

Players will have the ability to customize their battles a lot more: item frequency, Stamina Battles, My Music (allowing players to choose how many songs appear in battle), and Special Smash (allowing players to change the rules of any battle similar to their Melee or Brawl counterparts.)

Multiplayer will be available in a lot more modes like in Stadium and even allow local players to team up and play online together (absent in the 3DS version for whatever reason)

Stage Builder makes another appearance. Instead of just adding more blocks (the Brawl one was awful) it gives players a much richer and deep experience to create levels to fight on – and will even be available to share online!

The list goes on. You can view the video below (35:23)



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