‘The Sinister Six’ Movie Wanted Tom Hardy As Sandman



[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]n a recently leaked email from Sony’s The Sinister Six writer-director Drew Godard, it was revealed that Tom Hardy was being eyed to star as Flint Marko, a.k.a. Sandman.

The email was sent to Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal, and details Godard’s plans for Hardy before he was snatched up by Warner Bros. to star in the DC Suicide Squad movie.

Check out the email below, but be warned it contains some language, typical douchey Hollywood hotshots:

I’m gonna write [Tom] up a note this weekend. But, off the top of my head, some possible talking points are:

– We’re doing something different – it’s time to celebrate the bad guys for once.
-We’re inspired by the classic team/mission of movies: Dirty Dozen, Magnificent Seven, Guns of Navarone. We want that spirit, that SWAGGER.
– If the Spider-Man franchise is the Beatles, then we’re the Sex Pistols.
-Flint Marco is gonna steal the show.
-The character is pure id – the anarchic enthusiast of the team. A chance to have FUN while celebrating being bad.
-Tom embodies that anarchy, that triumphant nihilism – we’ve seen him tap into that spirit before in roles like Bronson, but now we have the chance to crank the volume up to ELEVEN.
-He’s gonna storm through London at the end like God-fucking-zilla. That is not purple prose. He’s going to be AS TALL AS A SKYSCRAPER in the third act of the movie. What does Dr. Strange have? Magic tricks? Fuck you, magic tricks – we’ve got a skyscraper Tom Hardy knocking down buildings!!!!

What do you think of those plans? Would you rather see Tom Hardy in Suicide Squad or The Sinister Six? Let Us know in the comments below! If you’d like to see Tom Hardy as a different kind of Sandman, be sure to check out Mad Max: Fury Road in theaters May 15, 2015.

Catch Suicide Squad with 100% more Tom Hardy than The Sinister Six in theaters August 5, 2016.

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