The Director of FFXV talks “Nude Mods” and how they May Impact the Possibility of Modding Future FF Titles



If nude mods go “too far”, they may impact the possibility of modding future FF titles.

[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]inal Fantasy XV is making it’s way to PC in 2018, and since modding will be enabled, the discussion surrounding mods for the game has been a hot topic of late.

It’s an inevitability that modders will likely add a sprinkling of nudity to the game for players who want to traverse the lands with the FFXV boys as they fulfill their destinies in nothing but their birthday suits. With this in mind, questions have arisen surrounding the nature of nude mods, and how they could impact modding within the franchise in future. 

In an interview with PC Gamer at PAX West by way of a translator, FFXV director Hajime Tabata addressed the concerns surrounding nude mods, and expressed that whilst they don’t want to “restrict” the modding community, the “salacious” nature of nude mods is tricky. Tabata explained that any final decisions will be left to the CEO of Square Enix, but if modders go “too far”, the outcome of such mods may impact the possibility of modding future Final Fantasy titles:

“Obviously if things are taken a little too far, it might affect and influence the possibility of mods for future Final Fantasy games. So, if there’s anything we can say, it’s to try to be as controlled as possible.”

When it comes to nude mods, Tabata intimated that it’s still an issue the FFXV team is internally working on, but ultimately the desired outcome they wish for is that mods will “give players the freedom to play the game however they wish” without the need to put “too many limitations on what’s possible”. 

You can see entire interview below: 

It’s amazing that a big title such as FFXV is enabling mods in the first place. Many argue that developers should stay out of modding if they allow for it, but you can understand why in certain respects they’d want to keep tabs on mods to ensure they don’t cross the line. It’s a certainly a difficult topic with much debate surrounding it. 

Alongside mods, the PC version is adding the ability to play in first-person with the ‘First-Person Mode’, as well as boasting of a “wealth of bonus content”.

Final Fantasy XV is expected to come to PC “Early 2018”. 


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