Telltale Games Releases a Brand New Teaser for Its ‘Game of Thrones’ Series


[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]elltale Games is no stranger to adapting games from fiction, be it literary or televised. Previous projects include Walking Dead: The Game and The Wolf Among Us. Telltale’s next project will be a six episode adventure for ‘Game of Thrones’. In the most recent teaser from Telltale, it reveals the first episode will indeed be ‘Iron from Ice’.

This game differs from the others in that the previous games had only been five episodes long. This may show a shift into longer games for Telltale, or perhaps a one episode extension for special circumstances. If you’re interested in more on the game, visit Telltale’s Website and check out what else they’ve got going on, and check out the preview below.



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