Look, We KNOW the #SnyderCut Exists. But it was Never Complete, So Why Bother?

#ReleaseTheSnyderCut wont stop showing up on social feeds, despite a very small niche community being behind wanting to see it. The movie wasn't complete under Snyder. Let it go. It's done.

This whole #ReleaseTheSnyderCut thing is really confusing to me. The Justice League cast are posting about it, media sources are posting about it, but I have not met one person face-to-face who is asking for it. Yet, somehow I keep seeing it show up on my social feeds.

Danny Elfman, the composer for Justice League, ‘broke his silence‘ by pointing out that while Zack Snyder was the original director and had a hand in writing the film, his version was never finished. Snyder had to leave production some time through to be with his family after the tragic suicide of his daughter. Then MCU veteran Joss Whedon stepped into to do some rewrites, reshoot, and finish the film. So why are we still talking about it?

Because Zack Snyder won’t stop talking about it. Zack Snyder's vero post

Zack Snyder apparently loves using Vero as his social media platform of choice to communicate with fans. And he keeps posting cryptic details regarding unused footage, versions of the film, and this supposed ‘Snyder Cut’ that the media (such as ourselves) won’t shut up about.

If we had to guess, there is a version of the film out there that exists that Zack Snyder shot, and was 100% in control over prior to the tragedy his family faced. So sure, there is a cut of the film he made, and he is Zack Snyder, but there is very likely not a complete version of the film. He couldn’t finish it. It wasn’t finished prior to Autumn Snyder’s untimely passing. So what exactly is he expecting will happen with this version of the movie? Does he think DC/WB will exonerate him from the blame for the poor reception and financial earnings of TJL by releasing an incomplete movie two years later?

The point I am making is this; the cut exists, it doesn’t exist but whatever is out there is not a complete movie because it wasn’t finished. So why release it?

Just what does anyone truly expect at this point? There was no. complete. version of. the film. And no amount of recuts and edits will make it worth DC/WB’s time to make some sort of special edition to release to home video or even theaters. The fanbase for DC and the DCEU is not large enough to make a significant profit.

I promise you, however long his version of the film is that he shot (again, not complete), it won’t fix everything wrong with and fans certainly don’t care that much.

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