Star Wars Films Going on “Hiatus” after RoS, Expect More Content on Your TV Soon

After the Rise of Skywalker runs its course in theaters, the Star Wars franchise is taking a break from the silver screen.

The recent string of Star Wars films have been fun, entertaining, and divisive. Weird, how that always seems to be the case when the internet community bans together to put their favorite franchises on blast. Sure, some points are valid, such as all the criticisms of The Force Awakens being a literal copy and paste of A New Hope, and then the equally valid criticisms of Rian Johnson messing up The Last Jedi. Then, there is Solo. We don’t talk about Solo

Turns out that Disney is aware of these harsh criticisms and wants to take time to reset by going on an indefinite hiatus after Rise of Skywalker, thus leaving the open-ended possibility of seeing a new Star Wars trilogy kick-off in 2021 and 2022 a lot more closed off.

We know that Game of Thrones showruiners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, and Disney have parted ways, not too long after the duo signed on to pen a new trilogy of Star Wars movies. Again, we feel we must reiterate, that we feel like there was a lot of bad blood behind the scenes and Disney fired them for being a bunch of hacks, but that is just our opinion.

Anyway, after all these ups and downs with fan criticisms, Disney has apparently had enough and decided to take a break and give Star Wars a much needed cinematic rest. As to when we can expect to see them return? Well, that is anyone’s guess, but we would be surprised if we didn’t see a new film before 2025. However, none of this means that the Star Wars universe won’t continue in other ways…

Disney is working on a handful of televised projects, presumably exclusive to Disney+, the media juggernaut’s streaming service. Among them, we know for certain, are The Mandalorian and an Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off starring Ewan McGregor.

For now, Disney has all eyes and ears on Rise of Skywalker, and fans are waiting and watching even more closely, hoping the 9th installment in the Skywalker storyline can come to the conclusion that it deserves. And then after that, it will be a while before you see another Star Wars film hit the silver screen.



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