Spider-Man Swings onto PS4 this September, Character and Costume Details Revealed


Game Informer’s May cover story is all about Spidey’s new game, and that means the release date has finally been revealed. Spider-Man arrives September 7 exclusively on PS4.

Game Informer also posted hands-on impressions of the game, including heaps of praise. Specifically, the outlet complemented the movement controls when swinging around New York, as web slinging is an active process through using the L2 and R2 triggers to control Spidey’s webs, and consider where you’re shooting/the physics involved. 

While not a ton of focus of the cover story reveal was on the game’s story, it was reconfirmed that Kingpin and Mr. Negative will be featured prominently in the game, but classic foes will appear in one form or another. For example, Peter keeps Daily Bugle clippings of Spidey taking down Rhino, Vulture, and Scorpion in his bedroom. 

Also, we know that Spider-Man will be able to change into costumes based on some of his iconic comic incarnations. So far we know that the radical Spider-Punk Suit will be available as a preorder bonus for the game, and that the slick Spider-Man Noir suit will be available as well. There’s a lot more costumes coming too, as Brian Intihar from developer Insomniac Games revealed to Game Informer in a rapid fire Q&A that there is “too many” costumes in the game, which we are fine with. 

We were a little worried about Spider-Man after the quick time event-heavy demo at E3 last year, but this coverage has convinced us: we cannot wait to play as Spidey.

Spider-Man releases for PS4 on September 7.

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