Spider-Man Might Still Appear in Captain America 3


[dropcap size=small]D[/dropcap]espite the fact that they have denied the rumors multiple times, it appears that Sony is working out a deal with Disney to use Spider-Man in Marvel’s upcoming Captain America 3. It also appears as though Andrew Garfield will not be reprising his role as the web-slinger.

With more details coming out everyday, the revelation comes in an email from Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal, all part of the recent big-scale hack of Sony. An email obtained by the website Mashable, it shows that as of August 8, Sony Pictures agreed to halt the writing of Spider-Man 3.


SONY has requested that we remove any published images in relation to the leak, though they can be found online relatively easy if you do a search for them. IN the breakdown of emails.


In multiple memos sent to herself, Pascal outlines how they might introduce Spider-Man into Captain America 3 and the Civil War timeline.

“cap thre only: 2. if we have spiderman in cap 3. what is our fee and our back end. need script approval, casting approval of sm and aunt may and consultation of mays house in queens and any other spiderman locations we may need in future movies. also approval of new spiderman costume> how long is he is the movie? how closely does it follow the civil war story line? does the world find out who spiderman is? are there any other characters from the spiderman universe they are using? can we use one of the marvel characters in our future spiderman movies not produced by marvel.can we use cap to set up ss? can drew work with the russos to get this done? are we renting him out?”

Pascal goes on to say that Spider-Man’s appearance in Captain America would serve as a reboot (yes another reboot) and set up a standalone Spider-Man film, with the role of Spider-Man being recasted.

“one time spiderman movie:
have to commit to a release date in 2017 which means we need to be shooting in winter 2015-2016

we finance the movie entirely and approve budget
we retain casting script director and budget approvals

marvel isnthe producer of the movie only and disney gets the merchandising and they help us like they did but even more so

we market and distribute the movie…..they have no approval of the marketing budget.

they have consultation in marketing materials because they are really good bu they dont have a tie breaker”

At this point it’s not even clear that Dinsey and Marvel would want to include Spider-Man into their universe, or the upcoming Civil War universe, although fans have been calling for his inclusion since the first Avengers movie. It seems as though the web-crawler may have his best chance at returning to the true Marvel universe. For us fans out there, let’s hope they can put a deal together.

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