Robert Downey Jr.: Champion Flip-Flopper


[dropcap size=small]M[/dropcap]arvel fans went into a frenzy on Tuesday when Robert Downey, Jr. confirmed to Ellen DeGeneres on her television talk-show that there would indeed be an Iron Man 4. This statement likely sent RDJ’s publicists and studio bosses into a different kind of frenzy, as apparently his claim of another installment may not have been entirely accurate.

Later that day, Robert Downey, Jr. went on television again, telling David Letterman that there would not be an Iron Man 4.

What’s the deal, RDJ?!

Based on the Iron Man star’s follow-up comments to elucidate his statement, it sounds like he’s not hanging up his metallic armor just yet. He states, “…I’m gonna do other stuff with Marvel. I’m still gonna be involved with Marvel.”

From that statement we can assume that Robert Downey, Jr. will still appear as Tony Stark in other, non-standalone films. Perhaps we’ll see him join up with Marvel’s newest lucrative franchise the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Only one thing is for certain – RDJ is a giant tease!



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