Red Dead Redemption & Undead Nightmare Coming to PS4 & Switch, No Word on PC (Yet)

Arriving on PS4 and Switch this month with no word on a PC release.



Rockstar Games took to social media over the weekend to announce that modern PlayStation and Switch consoles will be getting a port of Red Dead Redemption and the “horror companion’ Undead Nightmare for the first time. This version of the game is not being touted as a remake nor a more simple remaster but rather a “conversion” (we aren’t 100% sure what the difference is) and will arrive on August 17th in both digital and physical formats.

Take a look at their announcement and the accompanying trailer:

The price of the port is $49.99 and will be available for both Switch and PlayStation 4, which is weird in that Rockstar made no mention of PlayStation 5. We assume the PlayStation 4 version is likely easier to develop and is backward compatible on PS5 but that is just a hunch. No word on whether playing on the PS5 adds any benefit like increased performance or framerate or anything like that.

Additionally, it doesn’t seem Xbox is getting a port nor does it seem like the game is coming to PC. But don’t lose hope. It is possible that Sony and Nintendo have some time exclusivity deal going on before the game can land on Microsoft platforms. Then again, the Xbox 360 version of RDR is compatible on current Xbox hardware.

Maybe we will get lucky and see a PC version of the game in six months to a year from now but maybe not.

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