Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer Coming Soon, Early as Next Week, Says Insider

An alleged insider claims his wife works at Rockstar and has seen the trailer, coming next week.



An alleged insider is claiming that they have details on the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI by Rockstar Games, specifically the trailer, which is supposedly due as early as next week.

The news comes from a Reddit post over on /r/GamingLeaksAndRumours so take that with a grain of salt. That said, we normally would not share this sort of “rumor” but the reason why we are actually sharing this, is because the mod team over there claims that there is some legitimate credibility behind it.

The news comes from user FollowTheDamnLeakCJ (whose account has since been suspended), who claims that their wife allegedly works in a position at Rockstar and was able to get an early look at the trailer coming next week.

Now, we know what you are thinking. Another “my so and so relative works at so and so company” type of post. Trust us, we are right there with you. But this sounds legitimate to us.

Below is exactly what was posted on Reddit from the user claiming to have an inside scoop but considering the user account of the original poster was suspended (at the time of this writing), we figured we would share it in case Reddit took the post down.

  • Trailer opens without any music, just the sound of bugs and crickets and other nature, on a shot of a gator in what looked like the Everglades. Looks very reminiscent of RDR2 until a plane flies over the gator. Gator dives underwater before it cuts.
  • Rockstar Studios Presents comes up as the trailer’s song starts.
  • Song is That’s All by Genesis.
  • Shots of Vice City’s nightlife, glamorous cars and night clubs. Bouncer tosses someone out of a club. Guy gets back up and yells at the bouncer while his buddies usher him away.
  • Fat man in a Hawaiian shirt lounging by a pool, fanning himself. Wife says the guy is REALLY sweaty.
  • Jason and Lucia driving past the beach in a convertible. Looked like somebody surfing or boogie boarding.
  • Quick shot of fans with their faces painted cheering in a football stadium.
  • Lucia riding a horse next to a highway. Police helicopter behind her.
  • Jason wearing a tank top with either a joint or a cigarette sitting on a four-wheeler.
  • Jason and Lucia in a shitty motel pointing guns at one another, then cut to the two of them on a roller coaster together.
  • Theme park mascot of a flamingo getting punched in the gut by a guy in a hat.
  • Jason and Lucia holding up a convenience store. Clerk slowly reaching for a gun behind the counter.
  • Lotta fast action shots. She remembers seeing a cop car hit a barricade and a cop flying out of the windshield, Jason and Lucia walking past some prostitutes and into a shady-looking nightclub, Jason on a jet ski, a dude with long hair skateboarding in a skate park, Jason selling drugs, Lucia yelling at someone and then bashing their head onto a railing (wife said it reminded her of a Yakuza heat action), some teens recording another teen doing a silly dance and then falling over, a man being thrown off an airboat, someone casting a fishing rod, money raining down on people dancing in a packed club.
  • Jason and Lucia behind cover in a shootout at what looks almost like the Kennedy Space Center (part of a rocket in the background).
  • Jason: “This is crazy. What are you willing to lose?” Lucia: “We’ve been through enough. We don’t have anything to lose.”
  • Final shot of the beach. Boat goes past the camera. Grand Theft Auto VI.

We know that Grand Theft Auto VI is a current ongoing project from Rockstar Games, since they acknowledged its existence in recent months after a hacker allegedly stole various assets, including source code and early gameplay footage. No release date has been given but perhaps we will know more when the trailer comes out, possibly next week. However, this is nothing more than a rumor at this time so it could all turn out to be BS. But we think it may actually be legit.

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