GTA 6 Trailer Breaks Guinness World Record With More Than 121 Million Views

Grand Theft Auto 6 continues to shatter records while amassing immeasurable hype.



The release of Grand Theft Auto VI’s first trailer has no doubt caused massive online buzz, solidifying its status as the most-viewed non-music video on YouTube within the initial 24 hours, an accolade officially recognized by Guinness World Records.

Despite its concise 90-second runtime, the Grand Theft Auto 6 debut amassed a remarkable 90 million views in just one day. What’s more, it secured the coveted title of the most-liked video game trailer on YouTube, garnering 8.9 million likes on its inaugural day. This notable ratio between likes and views suggests a genuine interest from the audience, rather than mere ad-driven numbers.

As of the latest update, the video has surged past 121 million views and accumulated over 10 million likes. If you haven’t caught a glimpse yet, it might be worthwhile to spare a few moments and join the viewership.

In the realm of YouTube records, Mr. Beast previously held the crown for “most non-music video YouTube views in 24 hours” with “Every Country On Earth Fights For $250,000,” uploaded in August 2023. However, a Reddit snapshot reveals that GTA 6 surpassed Mr. Beast’s record within a mere 13 hours, adding to the excitement for the talented developers at Rockstar Games.

Even when compared to music videos, the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer stands out as a remarkable accomplishment. According to YouTube, only two music videos, both from the South Korean boy band BTS, surpassed its debut 24-hour view count. “Butter” and “Dynamite” achieved 108 million and 101 million views on their respective premiere days.

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