Piccolo and Gohan Confirmed for Upcoming Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super Collab

Two of four characters in tomorrow's in-game event have seemingly been confirmed.



Earlier today, the official Fortnite social media accounts teased a second collaboration/event with Dragon Ball Super. The teaser image used in the social posts contained a plane bearing the Red Ribbon insignia with some blurry content on the island below it, leaving many to wonder just what this means for tomorrow’s DBS content. Now, it seems we know that, at the very least, Piccolo and Gohan will be arriving at the battle royale.

Considering this is a Dragon Ball Super collaboration, the version of Gohan that will arrive will most likely be an adult, presumably with either the green track jacket or his outfit in the latest film, Super Hero. Beyond that, we do not know if there will be new quests or changes to the island but we have heard that at least four additional skins will be arriving tomorrow, January 31st, which will include one female character. Since the Red Ribbon Army is included, we assume that Android 18 is a shoo-in, but we have a feeling this collab will be featuring the characters and events focused on in Super Hero so keep your fingers crossed for the Gammas.

The announcement of another Dragon Ball Super collaboration was inevitable but surprisingly, only giving a single day’s notice. Regardless, we are excited to see what characters make their way to the island tomorrow when the event kicks off.

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