Another Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super Collab Drops Tomorrow

More Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super? Um, yes, please!



Back in August of last year, Fortnite did a crossover with Dragon Ball Super which saw a small in-game event sweep the island. A new location, quests, a Kamehameha equipable attack, and several skins made their way into the battle royale but fans undoubtedly wanted more. Tomorrow, that wish is granted.

So what will this event hold? Well, we don’t know much aside from the teaser image in the above Twitter post from Fortnite but the image does contain a plane with a Red Ribbon Army insignia on it so that tells us something. If we had to guess, it is likely that we will see Piccolo and Gohan for sure as skins, and presumably a new female character. Our money is on Android 18.

We have no concrete evidence as to what players can expect when they boot the game up tomorrow as there have not been many leaks regarding the content of this last-minute-announced collaboration but if Broly and Piccolo arrive on the island, you can  bet we will be picking those skins up instantly. That said, we do hope the face designs are a little better. Goku and Vegeta looked a little… not good…

The most recent collab in Fortnite was with Dead Space where players could pick up Isaac Clark and a handful of other cosmetics as well as a set of quests for $11.99. You can read all about that here.

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