P90X Comes to Xbox Fitness


P90X, the revolutionary 90-day home fitness routine brought to you by Tony Horton and Beachbody, is coming to Xbox Fitness – in a 30 day form. Released today, you can own the Xbox Exclusive for $59.99 and get “completely ripped.”

Some P90X workouts are already available for download, but the new download will include 5 routines that are exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox Fitness, all of which are custom built for Kinect. The Kinect helps monitor the players form and heart rate. In august, the P90X program will add downloadable calendars and nutrition plan, all in an effort to help individuals get in shape. If you’re not dedicated to getting in shape, that’s okay too, because Tony Horton has some pretty hilarious one-liners.

Xbox Fitness is available as a free download on the Xbox Games Store, and requires Kinect.

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