VIZ Media Releases Limited Edition ‘One-Punch Man’ Blu-Ray and DVD Combo Pack



VIZ Media brings the one hit wonder to Blu-Ray and DVD with this knockout Limited Edition Combo Pack! 

[dropcap size=small]V[/dropcap]IZ Media have just released a Limited Edition One-Punch Man Blu-Ray and DVD combo set, and it certainly packs a punch Saitama would be proud of. 

All 12 episodes of the action-packed hit anime (based on the best-selling manga series by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata) have found their way on to VIZ’s very snazzy limited edition home media release. Fans will be able to re-live every knockout punch on Blu-Ray and DVD with both the subbed and dubbed versions of the first season.  

Best of all, the Limited Edition combo pack has a lot of extra heroic goodies to make any One-Punch Man fan explode with joy. The set features six collectable art cards, some pretty darn good-looking packaging, and a full-colour 96-page booklet (which includes chapter 1 of the manga). And as if that isn’t enough already, there’s also heaps of bonus content on the Blu-Ray release, including six special OVA shorts. Yep, you heard me right. SIX:  

Notable bonus content includes six special ONE-PUNCH MAN OVA shorts, which are being released exclusively on the Blu-ray format, along with premium packaging, six collectible art cards, and a full-color episode guide booklet with summaries, character profiles, and staff and cast interviews. Fans who order the Limited Edition set from Right Stuf will get an exclusive silver tone Hero Association pin, while supplies last.

(Image: VIZ Media)

With season two of One-Punch Man reportedly in production, picking up this DVD and Blu-Ray set is the perfect way to help you hold out until an official release date is announced. They are limited though, so if you’re after this cool set you best run on ahead and grab yours now! 

If you want to find out more about the combo pack – or how you can get your hands on a copy – be sure to check out VIZ media’s website

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