Still No Word on One-Punch Man Season 3, and We are Sad

It has been more than a year since the announcement of season 3, with no updates since then.



This isn’t any ‘clickbait article’, so don’t go expecting anything you don’t already know. We don’t know a thing about the current status of OPM’s third season, other than it’s in production (we hope). Regrettably, as of now, there is no official news regarding the release date for the highly anticipated One-Punch Man season three. It is widely speculated that the production of the series may have been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to potential delays.

Now, in 2023, a full year after the official announcement of the anime series’ third season, we have heard nothing new about the status of the show, its development, or who is handling the animation. However, rumors suggest it is possibly Studio MAPPA, who handled Attack on Titan, Chainsaw Man, and Jujutsu Kaisen. That said, sources refute this claim, so take that with a grain of salt.

Back in August 2022, after a wait of more than three years since the conclusion of season two, the official One-Punch Man Twitter account made an exciting confirmation about the arrival of season three. This announcement was accompanied by a visual created by Chikashi Kubota, the character designer responsible for the first two seasons of the anime.

One of the most pressing questions surrounding season three is which studio will undertake its production. The first season was crafted by the beloved studio Madhouse, while JC Staff took the reins for the second season, which left some fans unsatisfied (we loved it). At the moment, only rumors circulate regarding the studio’s involvement, but there are numerous anime studios with the potential and enthusiasm to embark on Saitama’s next adventure.

While specific plot details for One-Punch Man season three are currently unavailable, it’s reasonable to anticipate that it will continue the story directly from the conclusion of season two and adapt the subsequent arc from the collaborative work of One and Yusuke Murata.

The initial two seasons of One-Punch Man encompassed the first 85 chapters, which equate to 16 volumes, of the original manga. This suggests that season three is likely to commence from chapter 86, delving deeper into the extensive Monster Association arc.

With so much time having already passed by, it is strange that we have not heard or seen more from any official outlets regarding the tentative release window (not even what year to expect it), or even who is working on it at this point. We expect more information in 2024 on all this but it boggles the mind that we don’t even know (officially) who is doing the animation. Hopefully, we get something soon because fans are thirsty for more. In the meantime, the manga is still ongoing.

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