New King Kong Movie to be Released in 2016


Legendary gave Comic-Con attendees a look at a new project that they expect to be releasing in late 2016. It’s a movie with a familiar character but a not-so-familiar setting. That character is King Kong, but the setting is his fabled “home” of Skull Island.

The trailer showed a “harsh, stormy, green land” and ending with the reveal of Kong howling to the moon. Not a whole lot else was revealed during the announcement, so we’re not sure on writers or directors. The only thing truly on paper is the November 4, 2016 release date.

A screenshot of the map to Skull Island from the 1933 film
A screenshot of the map to Skull Island from the 1933 film

Other King Kong films have touched on the concept of Skull Island, but their usages are diverse. Some of the movies and films show different inhabitants of the island than others do, and some change the name entirely (“Kong: The Animated Series” refers to the island as “Kong Island.”) With such a diverse set of source material, it’s hard to say what direction that this film will take, whether it becomes an origin story or another type of original story that surrounds the island itself.

We’ll have more information as it becomes available.

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